Falling for Autumn Décor

It’s finally Fall.  Your neighbors have placed their pretty autumn mums on the front step beside a bright, orange pumpkin.  Maybe you’re doing the same!  But if you’re thinking about kicking it up a notch this year, we have some handy tips for fall décor.

         Look to nature.  Fall has provided us with the color palette and in many cases the supplies to decorate for fall.  Pull together the following things from your yard, grocery store, or local nursery and we can start arranging them into creative fall eye-catchers that will have all your friends talking: PumpkinsApplesAcornsCorn StalksGrapevine, Artichokes, Pears, Pinecones, Tree Leaves, Magnolia Leaves, Walnuts.

         Are you looking for woodsy charm or a pop of pumpkin?  Assembling a collection of brightly colored leaves in a big, gorgeous lantern with a vanilla candle is festive and fun. Or fill it with candy corn or a pumpkin.  Whether it’s acorns, pumpkins, or a collection of fall foliage, the glass lanterns provide a blank canvas to highlight the season.

Or gather a bunch of pumpkins of varying sizes and spray paint them bright colors; decorate or design them, or paint them a more natural white color and accent with brightly colored leaves.  A quick look for “painted pumpkins” on Pinterest will leave you inspired.

         Why not create a natural “runner” of autumnal items on your dining room table consisting of pinecones, acorns, fall leaves, walnuts, corn, or even artichokes to provide some color? Use a cornucopia as a centerpiece for the table teaming over with gorgeous apples and pears on a bed of magnolia leaves.  Use grapevine to assemble a wreath of magnolia leaves accented with pinecones (or walnuts) on the front door to welcome guests.

         If you’re feeling more in the mood to shop, check out HomeGoods and TJ Maxx for their endless supply of fun signs for Halloween and Fall.  They also have banners that are great accents for the mantle, as well as pre-made wreaths to celebrate autumn.  

         A quick walk thru the woods, your local nursery, or home goods store will surely inspire and get your creative juices flowing.  Whether it’s piles of pumpkins or loads of leaves, it’s time to celebrate Fall, ya’ll


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