Why We Love RVA

Top 10 Reasons to Love Richmond

There are so many things to love about RVA, but when push comes to shove, here are the top 10 reasons we adore our river city:

  1. Geography. From the Mountains to the Sea: RVA meets you in the middle!  What more can you wish for than to live just hours from the Blue Ridge Mountains, while also enjoying a mere two hour drive to the coast?  You can actually hike in the mountains in the morning, enjoy lunch in downtown Richmond, and frolic in the Atlantic Ocean all in the same day.  Richmond happens to be a 2 hour drive to almost any part of the state, and Washington D.C., which makes spontaneous day trips oh so manageable.
  2. The River.  They don’t call us the river city for nothing!  The bountiful James River provides endless recreation for Richmonders who enjoy kayaking, canoeing, tubing, swimming, and even rafting on the river rapids near downtown.  You can take a cruise along the Canal Walk or frolic along the banks of Pony Pasture. And on any day, you’ll see residents jogging and cycling along the river and enjoying the scenic vista provided by the mighty James River.
  3. We are foodies in RVA.   Consistently lauded for our hot new restaurants and exciting food festivals, there’s no place like RVA for anything from a cool new food truck to exquisite fine dining.  Always pushing the boundaries of the food frontier, the Richmond restaurant scene is alive and well, and earning national recognition and praise.
  4. Must love dogs.  There aren’t too many towns that love their mutts like RVA.  We can take ours to the mall…..just swing by Stony Point Fashion Park on any given afternoon and check out the pooches strolling along with their owners at the dog-friendly upscale mall.  Among the many parks in Richmond are a variety of dog parks, created for all the mutts around town who need to stretch their legs and prance on their paws.  We even trot them out for Easter on Parade on Monument Avenue.
  5. Traffic.  We don’t have any.  How many metropolitan cities of similar size can make this claim to fame?  You will rarely sit in hours of traffic unless something truly unusual has occurred.  Whizzing around the river city is, on most days, fairly carefree!
  6. Festivals.  From the music festivals to the food festivals to the bonanzas of celebrations celebrating different international cultures, arts, films, and music, you can find them all in RVA.  From the northside, to downtown, to South of the James, there are plenty of festivals year round for locals to enjoy.  
  7. The Housing Market.  Richmond is an affordable place to live, work and own a home.  While larger cities watch their housing prices spiral out of control, Richmonders enjoy a steady housing market that’s consistently affordable.  Even new construction is offered at a variety of price points, making the American dream of owning a home well within reach.  Backed by a strong job market, and steadfast employers like Capital One, Altria, Genworth, University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University, there’s plenty of opportunity in RVA.
  8. Creative Culture.  Not only have we been named as the place with the happiest residents in a few national polls, we also happen to have a great synergy that manifests itself in a multitude of ways.  It’s the driving force behind our bustling small business industry where entrepreneurs are thriving. Many businesses are relocating their headquarters to Richmond from more expensive city hubs like Washington DC because of the more manageable cost of living and doing business. The thriving creative culture that abounds throughout the city is also a major draw, and what sustains the small business collaboration occurring in RVA.  
  9. History.  There’s more history in RVA than a social studies book!  Take a walk down Monument Avenue to behold statues of the historic figures that shaped American history.  Kneel in the pews of the church where Patrick Henry proclaimed, “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!”  Take a tour of the Edgar Alan Poe museum and see where the American legend once dwelled.  Our historic buildings abound, especially in the city, where many filmmakers have taken note and chosen to film their television shows and movies against the historic backdrop of Richmond, VA.  Which brings us to the added bonus of celebrity spotting when stars like Claire Danes, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, and Julianne Moore happen to be in town for a starring role.
  10. The People.  The people of Richmond are what truly make it such a vibrant and exciting place to live.  It’s home to many who’ve chosen to never live elsewhere else, while also a welcoming town to those who moved here and chose to call it home.  Transplanting to RVA is seamless for those who aren’t afraid to get out there and enjoy all that this town has to offer.  Southern hospitality is always on the menu, and we are always ready to welcome our next resident to RVA.


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