A Little Prep Goes A Long Way

With home prices soaring, you might be thinking about selling your home.  A little prep goes a long way in crafting a successful launch of your home in the spring market.  I’ve got you covered with some pro tips on how to prep your home for a quick and easy sale.

First things first, look at your home with a whole new set of eyes.  From pillar to post, start fixing all those things you’ve let go over the years.  That piece of siding that blew off in the last storm…the shingle that’s loose…the trim you’ve been meaning to finish painting – it’s time to complete ALL the projects.  Yes, it’s a Seller’s market, but buyers are still paying attention to all the details.

Nobody knows your home better than you, so if you know things aren’t working like they should, get them tuned up and in good working order now; this includes everything from the leaking faucet to the finicky appliance that you sometimes kick to get working (a sign you might want to replace it).  It’s better to address these things now before a home inspector finds them, often forcing you to pay a licensed contractor to fix prior to closing, leaving you scrambling to find the correct type of contractor in a constrained timeframe.  You might want to consider hiring a home inspector to examine your home prior to listing, or engaging the services of a Realtor to help see your home through the eyes of a buyer.  These professionals can help you tackle the structural and cosmetic issues that come into play during a real estate transaction.

Once you know home is in good working order, it’s time to make it shine.  Fresh paint in a neutral color goes a long way in making a home convey like a blank canvas for an eager buyer.  Remember to depersonalize the home by removing personal photographs and de-cluttering. Consider removing unneeded furniture and accessories to open up rooms, making it feel more spacious. Also consider adding accent rugs to define the space, and removing heavy curtains to allow maximum sunlight into the room.  If these types of decisions aren’t your forte, employ the services of a professional stager (your Realtor can often suggest one for you).

Finally, get outside and kick up the curb appeal.  Trim the shrubs and grass, plant flowers, add planters and flower boxes, and be sure to maintain them while your home is on the market. If your shutters and front door are looking drab, give them a pop of color and fresh coat of paint.  An easy way to make a great first impression is on your front porch or stoop.  Remember this is where buyers stand for a few moments while their Realtor is getting the key from the lockbox.  They’re looking around and taking in the façade of your home, so make sure the gutters are clear, the home is freshly power washed, and the siding and walkways are free of cobwebs, dirt, trash, pollen, and leaves. A nice detail that makes a big impression is right at the front door: if your home is older, consider updating the light fixtures on either side of the door with something oversized and modern that packs a punch.

Finally, on the days of showings, leave the home at the right temperature for the season.  The home should be well lit, with lamps and lights on throughout.  Avoid cooking meals with pungent smells the night before, and be sure pets are secured off site along with their litter boxes.  Make all the beds and corral the toys in bins and baskets so the home is orderly.  Try and leave the home as neat and tidy as possible, inside and out.  If you’ve properly prepared your home for a quick sale, it will attract just the right buyer! 

Want to know more about selling your home?  What it might be worth?  How to prepare your personal home for the market?  It’s always a welcome conversation that I’d love to have with you!


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